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About Our Clinic

Our goals and values

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Capital dental clinic (CDC) is a major dental clinic in egypt and MENA region. CDC was founded by Dr.Ahmed Alkaffas as a resemblance of his vision of technologizing all the dental fields and using the most advanced technologies based on scientific underground. This path aims to change the stereotyping idea about the dentist visit that consider it as an unpleasant experience. This path is all about reaching the maximum cosmetic and therapeutic dental results in the most relaxing atmosphere in time-saving settings by the most experienced specialized dentists.

Our Mission

Has provided a high class facility for the treatment

Professionals in our Clinic

Has provided a high class facility for the treatment

High Innovative Technology & Professional Dentists

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Our Happy Clients

What people say about us

You can’t walk in this place and come out with the same smile, it gets way more better, thank you Dr Ahmed and your whole team.

Wael Ashraf

I travelled to egypt only to reach Dr Ahmed hoping that he’ll change my smile, and it was totally worth the effort. Thank you Dr Ahmed and your team.


Thank you Dr Ahmed and your whole team for your effort to bring me a new smile that I’m really happy with.


Very professional team, Advanced classy settings and they have much respect for the timing, Thank you.


Very relaxing atmosphere with the best dentists ever, and the result is unbelievable. Thank you Dr Ahmed and your amazing team.


Dr. Ahmed Alkaffas

Dr ahmed is the founder and manager of capital dental clinic, He is a cosmetic dentistry pioneer in egypt and the mena region, with a vision that is all about  changing the way people see the dentist visit and using advanced technologies, he became a real expert in cosmetic dentistry who knows how to draw a perfect smile on a person’s face while enjoying the process and the atmosphere.

  • graduated from Faculty Of Oral & Dental Medicine – Cairo University
  •  Cosmetic dentistry specialist
  • Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)
  • Years of experience not only as a dentist but also as a manager who has the required skills to run such a giant clinic.
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